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Welcome to our sit and go strategy page, where we offer all kinds of strategy to help improve your game. We have also ranked the best sites for SNG's to help you pick a quality option when playing online.

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Below are quite a few sit and go strategy articles.  Some of the following sit n go strategy articles are based more for the beginners, while others are intended for the intermediate players.  At this time, we don't offer any professional sit and go poker strategy, but you should still find plenty to learn from.

Single Table Sit n Go Basics

Single table sit n goes are the fastest growing game in online poker.  At the lower levels the players are almost all fish, so if you learn the proper strategy you can win consistently.  This article is an overview of the structure and advantages of different types of single table sit n go tournaments.

Sit n Go Strategy Overview

Sit n goes have a great deal of strategy and planning involved.  There are many factors that you can control to help increase your chances of moneying the tournament.  With this SNG strategy in your possession you will be able to find the easiest possible sit n goes and play your best.

Best Poker Site for Sit and Go's

We have determined the best online sit and go poker site, and completed a full review for you to determine if this is the site for you.

Early Stages Sit n Go Strategy

The "Early Stages" consists of the first three blind levels.  Your goal during the early stages is just to survive, as you will be able to outplay people later in the tournament when the betting has calmed down.

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Middle Stages Sit n Go Strategy

The middle stages of a sit and go are a crucial time of play, as blinds are now putting pressure on players.  Also, it is important to become aggressive at this point, as you want to build a decent stack for the late stages.  Make sure to read the full sit and go strategy article.

Late Stages Sit n Go Strategy

When you reach the final 4 or 5 players in the tournament there are many unique situations that you face.  The first, and ever present problem, is that someone has to get out before the players reach the money.  This changes everyone's play.

One Table Sit and Go Satellites

Learn the origins of one table sit and go satellites, and how they can be useful to gain entry into larger tournaments.

Multi Table Turbo Sit n Go Strategy

Some players prefer a larger format tournament than the standard one table sit n go.  However, these multi table sit n goes take much longer than a single table sit n go.  The introduction of "turbo" sit and go tournaments has fixed this problem for players with limited time.

Heads Up Sit and Go Strategy

Heads up strategy is very important in sit n goes, as the different between first and second is usually quite significant.  This article details strategies to help you win heads up matches.

Dealing with Bad Beats, Part One: Attitudes

This article is the first of a six part series describing how to deal with bad beats. This part looks at your attitude and why it helps to have a positive attitude.

Sit n Go Satellite Strategy

Many larger buy in tournaments are out of range for smaller stakes players.  However, sit and go satellites are offered to help increase the prize pool and allow more players the chance to play.  If you master the proper sit n go satellite strategy you can play many high buy in tournaments for much less than the buy in.

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Shorthanded Sit and Go Strategy

Learn the secrets of dominating 5 and 6 handed sit and go's.  Since there are less players, these tournaments take less time, and you can get through one in as little as 30 minutes.  Plus, you get to play more aggressively.

Considering your Opponent

When you reach the later stages of a sit and go, it becomes crucial that you evaluate what opponents you are playing against.  There is a significant advantage to be gained by learning what opponents you can make certain plays against.

Playing Multiple Sit and Goes

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of multi tabling sit and goes, and you can decide if multi tabling is for you.

Going All In-Sit and Goes

Know when you should be moving all in, and when you should be avoiding this play.  This sit and go strategy article is based toward the beginner.

Sit and Go Starting Hand Chart

Use this chart to determine what hands to play at different situations in a sit and go.  This chart will guide you right through every stage of the sit and go.

The Gap Concept

Learn the origins of the "gap concept", why its important, and how to take advantage of it in sit and go tournaments.  The gap concept can be a very useful sit n go strategy technique if used correctly.

Bankroll Suggestions

One of the biggest problems with poor sit and go or tournament success is playing buy-ins that are too high for your bankroll.  A general rule of thumb is to have a bankroll of about 20 to 30 times the tournament or sit and go buy in amount.

Playing For First Place

Playing for first place is your best option when playing sit and goes.  If you want to become a winning sit and go player, you will have to shoot for first place every time.  This is one of those "duh" articles and this sit and go strategy article is intended for the beginners.

Playing For Any Place

Many players that just want to make the money usually play fairly tight, not taking many chances until they are actually in the money.  Read the full sit and go strategy article by using the link above.

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Opponent Situational Play

Occasionally you will find yourself in a sit and go where a few of the players go all-in pretty often.  This article will explain how to deal with them.

Taking Notes in Sit and Goes

Learn the right way to take notes, and why they are useful in sit and goes.  This may seem like a basic sit and go strategy, but it is a very crucial part of the game.

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